Marketing in a recession

I have resisted writing an article about marketing in a recession, but it seems that it is quite a high ranking key phrase, so in the interests of our SEO I have decided that I would post some ideas for marketing during a recession. The reason why I have held off doing this sort of post is that I thought it might be a bit gloomy, however, in a recent seminar Siobhan and I presented, people were asking for tips, so it seems that marketing recession tips are what the public wants, so here you go.

  • Ask for referrals, write a list or mind map of everyone you know including customers and simply ask them if they know anyone who could do with your help. You don’t have to be pushy, just pick up the phone, send an email or simply meet them for lunch or a coffee and ask the question. You might be surprised by the results
  • Keep on networking – even if it’s not free, most events are only around the £20 mark. Just make sure that you go to events where your target audience go and where you might meet people who can refer you. Make sure you get a list of attendees before the event and decide who you want to meet and ask the organisers for an introduction if you are feeling a little shy:-). Then remember to follow-up the people you meet and arrange a date for chat and coffee to discuss things some more.
  • Speaking - get yourself some speaking slots. If you are an expert in your field, whatever it might be, find out which events your target audience attends and contact them to see if you can speak. We regularly speak at Business Link and Chamber of Commerce events, it cost us nothing but our time and has really helped to build our profile and gain PR coverage. What’s more we are always facing an audience of potential customers.
  • Re-marketing - This involves being creative, but just think about the products and services that you currently have. Could the be repackaged in a different way to make them more attractive in the current economic climate. For example, we will be launching a telephone based marketing coaching service, to make our services more marketable and available during the current downturn. You will still get access to our great marketing advice, but the cost will be less as you don’t have to see us in person. Think about what you could do with your products and services…
  • Case studies – Your clients are a free marketing tool, if you have done some good work for them, ask them if you can interview them and use them as real life confirmation that your products or services really are as good as you say they are. Then use the case study in everything you do, your website, proposals, direct marketing, let your potential customers know how they can benefit from working with you.
  • Your knowledge – I am using my knowledge as I write this blog post. Again, it has cost me almost nothing (except the hosting fees) to write this article and post it on the blog. Hopeully you will like what you have read and if you need marketing help you might decided to give Brighter Marketing a call. Seriously though, what are you an expert in, what can you write about? Can you put together a guide “The Top Ten…” and post it on your blog, put it on your website or print out as a small guide. It will cost you next to nothing but it will position you as an expert and show people how you can help them. If you’re not doing this then you are missing a trick
  • Be positive and remain focused – These are two of the most important things you can do. If you think about inventive ways to do marketing in a recession and remain focused on finding new clients then you have won half the battle.  It is amazing the ideas that your mind can come up with when you give it the positivity it needs to perform.

When times are tough the tough get going, it is an old cliche but it’s true. So even if you have no money available for marketing you can still do something, even if it is picking up the phone and calling everyone you know to see who they know. The most important thing is not to stand still, the winners will be those people who keep on marketing and promoting their company.

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