How To Run A Webinar Using GoToWebinar


Webinars or online seminars are fantastic at building your authority and your email list. The first webinar that I ran had only 5 people attend. However within 6 months, we were getting 100 people register for each webinar. People forwarded the invites to friends and colleagues. I used to … [Read more...]

The Invisible List – the power of Remarketing


The visible list is your email list - your database of customers, prospects and leads. Depending on the length of your sales cycle and service, the single focus of your website could be to build your email list. But only a small percentage of the visitors to your site will leave their email … [Read more...]

Understanding Google Analytics – Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

Google analytics measures the bounce rate as, ‘the percentage of single page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page)’. A ‘bounce’ or ‘single page visit’ is when one of the following actions is performed by the visitor whilst on a web page: Having a … [Read more...]

How often do you communicate with your clients?


A recent study found that 68% of clients change service providers because there has been no communication, not price. I was talking with a lawyer of a small firm complaining about the dire state of his practice and no new work coming through especially in the area of conveyancing. I was looking … [Read more...]

Go Fast – Don’t Waste Time – Your Website Will Never Be Perfect


Our principle of developing website strategies for law firms is simple: get your site up and running as quickly as possible. Don't stuff around with design, colours, button sizes, which images to use, whether the design reflects the aspirations of your brand: just move now and quickly. Your … [Read more...]

Difference Between Website Optimisation vs. Search Engine Optimisation


We have discussed the importance of having a digital road map, and with that we briefly mentioned website optimisation and search engine optimisation. Both forms of optimisation are important and distinct from each other, however they also have some overlap too. In this blog post we'll be talking … [Read more...]

Why duplicate content can kill your google page rankings


  In this quick 4 minute video, we reveal a common problem many websites have, but quite possibly don't know about... duplicate content. We discuss: Why duplicate content can be a big issue How to detect the presence of duplicate content and if you are creating duplicate content in … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing for Lawyers – Why is it Important?

Digital Marketing for Lawyers

A study conducted by Lexis Nexis has revealed just how important it is have a road in digital marketing for lawyers and those in the legal profession. The study showed that 76% of respondents have looked to hire a lawyer in the past year used online resources at some point in their decision … [Read more...]

Bounce Rates and Google Adwords – Remove Poor Performing Keywords


Many lawyers are using Google Adwords to drive traffic to their website in order to generate new leads or clients. But driving traffic to your site is only one step in the overall campaign because we want to generate new leads or ideally clients. Google Adwords needs to be used in conjunction … [Read more...]

Tips to increase lead generation for lawyers

Leading arrow on a background backward arrows

Continual lead generation for lawyers are a sign of a successful firm, but the difficulty is in sustainable new leads. From a recent HubSpot study we have come up with a few suggestions to where you should look to improve lead generation that may be applicable for legal professionals. Blogs … [Read more...]